Is The River trying to be the new Lost?

2 Jun

Lost the river

Sort of? Count me among the legion of Lost fanatics who have struggled to find a suitable replacement show. We’re lacking the great character depth, the un-ending mind-benders, fear, and love. Lost had all that and early indications are that The River is striving for that. So while the creators may not like the comparisons, it’s up to them to give The River its own unique place in our worlds.

One thing that makes The River and Lost so unique are their locations. When you think about building the elements of fear, having obscure, strange and beautiful locations creates the kind of everyday wonder to bring our fear to the next level. Compare that to CBS’s upcoming Person of Interest; sure they have Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus on Lost) and JJ Abrams, but they also have the modern world – streets, cops, national security – built into their everyday scenery. The Amazon will bring us a whole lot of mystery and possibility.

What do you think? Are you skeptical of the show’s future because of Lost? Is it the only reason you’re going to give it a chance?

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