The River may fit best in the horror genre

4 Jun

Eloise Mumford and Joe Anderson in "The River"

Eloise Mumford and Joe Anderson

Awesome analysis by Kevin Melrose at Spinoff Online:

It looks like The River won’t just deliver drama or slightly offbeat adventure in its desperate search for a missing wildlife expert/television personality, but honest-to-goodness, edge-of-your-seat horror. That’s a rare thing on network television. Of course, that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, given some of the names behind the series — in particular, Steven Spielberg and Oren Peli of Paranormal Activity fame.

If the two minute-plus trailer is a good indication, The River could be a gloriously twisted cross between The Crocodile HunterStanley and LivingstoneHeart of Darkness and, I don’t know, Survivor. Oh, please let that turn out to be an accurate assessment …

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