Eloise Mumford is Lena Landry

24 Jun

As we’ve told you before, Eloise Mumford plays the role of Lena Landry in The River. Her character is often characterized as “sexy and resourceful.” But here’s what else you need to know about Lena.

From Travis Yanan’s review of the pilot script:

These right, plus a team of crewmen, head down the Amazon on the S. S. Hopewell. They find the beacon… in an empty, submerged diving cage. It seems like a dead-end. The trip is over just as soon as it began. Until Lena Landry arrives. Lena is the daughter of Russ, one of Emmet’s cameramen, also presumed dead on Emmit’s trip down the Amazon. She’s a fearless helicopter pilot and longtime friend of Lincoln’s even though she was always much more attuned to the “magic” of nature than he was. She’s pissed at Lincoln for not telling her about this trip to look for his father… and for her own.

And she has aerial pictures that she took when she was searching for her missing father and for Emmet, before the start of our story. She found the Magus, Emmet’s ship. It’s shoaled off a fork of the river that Google Maps dares not tread called the Boiúna. Local girl Jahel warns against going down there. No one who goes comes back. The S. S. Hopewell’s crew won’t go. But Tess is determined. So, split into two high impact lifeboats, the team of nine (Tess, Lincoln, Lena, Emilio, Jahel, Reese, Clark, Adjay, and Sammy) head down the Boiúna.

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