The Thrill TV Bracket Challenge!

5 Jul

It’s time for a showdown! We are trying to figure out what YOU think are the best supernatural / thriller TV shows and the best way to settle it is for a bracket challenge! Just like NCAA basketball, we have selected #1 – #16 teams who will go head-to-head. There are two divisions. Voting is very easy; just add them in the comments here, tweet them to us, or send them to our Facebook page! ¬†Our Twitter hashtag is #ThrillTV

You can see the entire Thrill TV Bracket here.

Today we are looking for your votes on the following matchups!

  • #1 Lost vs #16 Stargate-SG1
  • #2 Twilight Zone (original) vs #15 Dark Shadows
  • #3 Alfred Hitchcock Presents vs #14 Medium
  • #4 The Walking Dead vs #13 The Event
Thanks and tell your friends!

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