Video Interview with Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden

17 Jul

Doug Hutchison and Courtney Stodden are back in the news, and it looks a reality show is on the way. To date, our most popular story at The River Fans is Horace from Lost marries a 16-year-old, which told the creepy story of 51-year-old Hutchison marrying a 16-year-old wannabe pop singer. We also followed up that story by publishing a copy of Courtney Stodden’s birth certificate, proving that she is actually 16 (many people thought she was lying for publicity). The happy couple sat down for an interview on Good Morning America, and we have the video.

This story should probably go away soon, but our interest is two-fold. One, it’s weird and creepy. But two, our fans are big Lost fans, so we often keep an eye on what the cast has been up to. While Evangeline Lilly is busy making movies, Doug Hutchison is out chasing teenagers. Of course, Hutchison played a┬ádespicable┬ácharacter, Horace, on Lost and we played arguably the worst character in the movie The Green Mile.

Lara Spencer of GMA scored the interview and we learn that the couple met online when Stodden signed up for Hutchison’s acting workshop, and he says he had no idea at first she was just a teenager. When he found out, his “world turned upside down.” They dated four months online and fell in love without ever meeting in person. We also learned that Stodden’s mother was monitoring the online conversations and she suggested that they could get married if they wanted. Supposedly everything was G-rated, as there were no illegal sexual conversations, no physical contact, and parental consent.

And despite looking 40, Courtney Stodden is just a teenager who is “very mature for her age” and an “old soul.” The worst part? People are calling about casting the couple in a reality show….

Here’s the video from GMA. Pay attention to Courtney at 4:48 when it looks like she can’t control herself. Creepy…

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