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Interview with TV Critic Jo Garfein

13 Jul

Michael Emerson and Jo Garfein

Jo Garfein says Lost “spawned an amazing community.” She was one of the great voices on the web during and after the show. Her theories brought her notoriety, a drove of Twitter fans, and writing work for AOL TV and others. These days she’s freelancing and working on a new blog for Fox’s upcoming show Alcatraz. We wanted to talk with her ahead of Comic-Con. Read on to see what she has to say about The River, Alcatraz, Jorge Garcia, JJ Abrams, and more.


Is True Blood your TV guilty pleasure?

14 Jun

True Blood Eric

Alexander Skarsgard plays Eric on True Blood

So what is your TV guilty pleasure? Are you a Lost fanatic that has struggled to find your way? Are you excited about True Blood‘s return on June 26th? Are you a Fringe addict? What else gets you excited? For me it’s True Blood, Breaking Bad, Dexter, and Mad Men.


Will it last? Or, Are you sure this won’t be cancelled?

7 Jun

Paulina Gaitan stars in the River

Paulina Gaitan stars as Jahel

We all hope that our time is not wasted. And so when we pour ourselves into a promising show, we hope that it’s not going to be cancelled due to the whims of the big networks.

I believe that The River is different. ABC has cancelled enough good shows like V, FlashForward, and Invasion and they are ready for something with a future. Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks are behind this show, along with some great writers from Paranormal Activity. Add in the acting props of Bruce Greenwood, Luisana Lopilato, and Leslie Cole, and you have something very special.

Still, networks have done stupider things (how could Fox cancel Arrested Development!?), and I don’t like that this is a midseason show. January / February is not traditionally the best time to launch a show.

I’m starting to see a large group of fans for The River even before the first promo has aired on television. This COULD be the next Lost. Let’s hope it has its own legs. Stay tuned!