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Interview with TV Critic Jo Garfein

13 Jul

Michael Emerson and Jo Garfein

Jo Garfein says Lost “spawned an amazing community.” She was one of the great voices on the web during and after the show. Her theories brought her notoriety, a drove of Twitter fans, and writing work for AOL TV and others. These days she’s freelancing and working on a new blog for Fox’s upcoming show Alcatraz. We wanted to talk with her ahead of Comic-Con. Read on to see what she has to say about The River, Alcatraz, Jorge Garcia, JJ Abrams, and more.


Just saw Super 8. Great movie.

11 Jun

I just went to see Super 8 and it was a great movie. You can see JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg in this – action, mystery, and a mountain of emotion. Steven Spielberg movies always do so well with kids. However, if you are looking for Bruce Greenwood in this film, good luck! You certainly won’t recognize him.

Our local theater had the volume all the way up to 11, which made the action sequences batshit crazy. Check out Super 8 this weekend.

I’m going to Super 8 today. Bruce Greenwood, Steven Spielberg & JJ Abrams!

11 Jun


JJ Abrams Steven Spielberg Super 8

Steven Spielberg & JJ Abrams team up

There is nothing better than a good matinée. I can’t wait to see Bruce Greenwood as Cooper. He recently said about the role, “It’s not your typical acting exercise at all, because you’re really the only person in this room with all these cameras in it.”

I’ll have a review for you later. Meanwhile, buy your tickets for Super 8 soon!



Who does Bruce Greenwood play in Super 8? Huge character, but you won’t see him.

10 Jun

Bruce Greenwood Super 8

Bruce Greenwood, the star of The River, plays “Cooper” in JJ Abrams’ Super 8. Who is Cooper? He is the “scariest character you won’t see in Super 8.” Huh?

The credit looks entirely non-cryptic: “Cooper: Bruce Greenwood.” Yet, if you actually try to locate the character called Cooper in the midst of J.J. Abrams’s buzz juggernaut called Super 8, you may be left scratching your head.

In fact, you won’t really see Greenwood on screen at all because his entire performance was translated into digital coding and pixels via the magic of computer technology.

Cooper is the name Abrams and his crew gave to their central, if largely hidden, character at the centre of Super 8: an angry alien desperate to get home.

Greenwood says he’d never done any “performance capture” work before, but after he got a call from Abrams, who directed him in the blockbuster Star Trek, he figured it was worth a try. If there’s one thing Greenwood has learned on the thorny path of show business, it’s the importance of adapting in order to survive.

Read more: in the Montreal Gazette

Bruce Greenwood, Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams team up for Super 8

10 Jun

Bruce Greenwood, Steve Spiellberg, and JJ Abrams team up for Super 8, which is in theaters now. Greenwood stars as Emmet Cole in The River. Spielberg is the executive producer of both The River and Super 8. JJ Abrams, from Lost, directs Super 8.

Is The River trying to be the new Lost?

2 Jun

Lost the river

Sort of? Count me among the legion of Lost fanatics who have struggled to find a suitable replacement show. We’re lacking the great character depth, the un-ending mind-benders, fear, and love. Lost had all that and early indications are that The River is striving for that. So while the creators may not like the comparisons, it’s up to them to give The River its own unique place in our worlds.

One thing that makes The River and Lost so unique are their locations. When you think about building the elements of fear, having obscure, strange and beautiful locations creates the kind of everyday wonder to bring our fear to the next level. Compare that to CBS’s upcoming Person of Interest; sure they have Michael Emerson (Benjamin Linus on Lost) and JJ Abrams, but they also have the modern world – streets, cops, national security – built into their everyday scenery. The Amazon will bring us a whole lot of mystery and possibility.

What do you think? Are you skeptical of the show’s future because of Lost? Is it the only reason you’re going to give it a chance?