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The River at Comic-Con 2011

14 Jul

The River is going to Comic-Con 2011, which will be a great addition for the conference, but it could be pivotal to the show finding an audience and surviving the cuts of a crowded primetime TV schedule. Here is what you need to know about The River at this year’s Comic-Con.


5 reasons why The River will kick television ass

3 Jul

We’ve blogged about The River for over a month now, which in many ways seems crazy considering the show won’t debut until December at the earliest or as late as March 2012. But it’s NOT crazy because The River will be one of the most talked about shows on television and it’s going to change television. Here’s why The River will be so very awesome.


Travis Yanan reviews The River pilot

27 Jun

Joe Anderson stars as Lincoln Cole

Travis Yanan Watches TV first did a review of the The River‘s pilot script, and now he has a review from the screening of the pilot. While he is still excited about the show, what he saw at screening didn’t match up to what he thought he’d see after reading the script.

Jeff Galfer Interview Part 2

24 Jun

Jeff Galfer

This is part 2 of our interview with Jeff Galfer, who plays Sammy Kirsch on The River. Previously, we talked about how he was cast and what to expect from Sammy. We also excerpted a conversation from Galfer to confirm that Luisana Lopilato is NOT on The River.


Luisana Lopilato is NOT in The River

23 Jun

eloise mumford not luisana lopilato

Eloise Mumford; not Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato, the cast member we were most excited about, is not even in The River. Internet rumors, backed up by sites like IMDB, led us all down a dead-end path. I had my suspicions, which were legitimized by our interview with actual cast member Jeff Galfer.


The River Pictures

22 Jun


Daniel Zacapa, Thomas Kretschmann, Leslie Hope

We have all the promotional pictures released by ABC. Most of these photos came from shooting the pilot episode and from a photo shoot. Actual production for season 1 begins in August.



The forums are great

21 Jun


Our new forums are doing great. In two days they have surpassed all other referrers to the main blog, and that includes Google, Leslie Hope’s official site, and Fark.com

Signing up is as easy as choosing a username and password. Or you can use Facebook to log in. We’d love to hear from you! See The River Forums.

Paulina Gaitan stars as Jahel in The River

20 Jun

Paulina Gaitan Ruiz

The River will have wide international appeal with stars like Paulina Gaitan (Mexico), Joe Anderson (England), Luisana Lopilato (Argentina), Bruce Greenwood (Canada), Leslie Hope (Canada), Paul Blackthorne (England), Shaun Parkes (England), Daniel Zacapa (Honduras), Eloise Mumford (US), and Jeff Galfer (US). Stars like Gaitan and Lopilato are not yet well-known in the US, but they bring a strong international fan base.

Paulina Gaitan will play Jahel. Her character is a local girl with great mechanical skills. She is very skeptical of the rescue mission because she knows that nobody comes back from that area of the river, called Boiúna. Jahel only speaks Portuguese.

Outside of The River, Gaitan is known for her roles in Sin Nombre, Trade, and We Are What We Are.

— Update —

We forgot Thomas Kretschmann from Germany!

A review of The River pilot

17 Jun

Leslie Hope and Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne and Leslie Hope

THE RIVER is a solid sleeper, a pleasurably nerve-rattling B-movie creepfest set on the Amazon. ABC is holding it for midseason, where at the very least it should stand out from other network arrivals.”


Sweet! Leslie Hope’s official website references us

12 Jun

Leslie Hope Tess Cole The River

Screen capture from Leslie Hope's official site.

Thanks for building a budding community. The site is exploding and we were just recognized on Leslie Hope’s official web site. Hope plays the lead female role, Tess Cole, in The River. We’re the “active Fan Site for The River” linked on her site.

Leslie Hope brings us great acting and she’ll be a huge reason for The River‘s future success. You know her from 24, The Mentalist, Private Practice, Law and Order C-I, Commander in Chief, and Everwood.