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Luisana Lopilato is NOT in The River

23 Jun

eloise mumford not luisana lopilato

Eloise Mumford; not Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato, the cast member we were most excited about, is not even in The River. Internet rumors, backed up by sites like IMDB, led us all down a dead-end path. I had my suspicions, which were legitimized by our interview with actual cast member Jeff Galfer.


Jeff Galfer Interview Part 1

23 Jun

jeff galfer the river

Jeff Galfer will be a huge part of The River. Well, at least for season 1… I’m just hoping the guy’s character can stay alive, because we all know what happens to the likable, funny guys in the horror genre. Galfer plays Sammy Kirsch, a member of the documentary crew who is a geeky, fun guy who wears Hawaiian shirts and sandals. Galfer gave us a great interview, which we will be breaking up into a few sections. There’s even a big surprise for all of you Luisana Lopilato fans.


Paulina Gaitan stars as Jahel in The River

20 Jun

Paulina Gaitan Ruiz

The River will have wide international appeal with stars like Paulina Gaitan (Mexico), Joe Anderson (England), Luisana Lopilato (Argentina), Bruce Greenwood (Canada), Leslie Hope (Canada), Paul Blackthorne (England), Shaun Parkes (England), Daniel Zacapa (Honduras), Eloise Mumford (US), and Jeff Galfer (US). Stars like Gaitan and Lopilato are not yet well-known in the US, but they bring a strong international fan base.

Paulina Gaitan will play Jahel. Her character is a local girl with great mechanical skills. She is very skeptical of the rescue mission because she knows that nobody comes back from that area of the river, called Boiúna. Jahel only speaks Portuguese.

Outside of The River, Gaitan is known for her roles in Sin Nombre, Trade, and We Are What We Are.

— Update —

We forgot Thomas Kretschmann from Germany!

Luisana Lopilato Fotos

20 Jun

luisana lopilato foto

Luisana Lopilato stars in ABC’s The River this winter. If you want even more information or fotos of LuLo head over to our Facebook fan page. You can submit pictures and news about your favorite international star. We’d love to share them here on the site.

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Is Luisana Lopilato a diva?

16 Jun

Luisana Lopilato star

We keep an eye on all things Luisana Lopilato, and she is a bona fide star that will likely find new heights when American audiences get to know her. She is among the most interesting actors in The River. We were more than a little surprised when our RSS reader alerted us to a story accusing Lopilato of being a diva.


Luisana Lopilato was Argentina’s Kelly Bundy

14 Jun

Luisana Lopilato Married With ChildrenChristina Applegate Married With Children

Remember how awesome Married With Children was? You watched it because of Christina Applegate and Ed O’Neill? The River‘s Luisana Lopilato was Argentina’s Kelly Bundy in Casados con Hijos, the Argentine re-make of Married. Actually Lopilato played Paola Argento. We’ve got video after the jump.


When it comes to “Wow” Luisana Lopilato has it.

12 Jun

Fans keep sending us pictures and videos of The River‘s Luisana Lopilato. Thanks and keep it up! Check out this backstage video from a Cosmopolitan photo shoot.

Bruce Greenwood on ET talking about Cell 213 & The River

11 Jun

Bruce Greenwood has a lot going on right now with Super 8, Cell 213, and The River! Also mentioned in this video is Luisana Lopilato.

The Luisana Lopilato photo of the day

11 Jun

Luisana Lopilato bra lingerie panties

Enjoy your weekend!


Happy Friday. Here’s a picture of Luisana Lopilato to get you through the day.

10 Jun

Luisana Lopilato Police

Luisana Lopilato stars as a police officer in The River