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The River will be scary, not gory

26 Jul


The River made a big splash at San Diego Comic-Con 2011. We learned more about the show and its cast, which we will share with you in several Comic-Con posts. First and most interesting to me were the thoughts from executive producer Oren Peli and writers Zack Estrin and Michael Green.


The River at Comic-Con 2011

14 Jul

The River is going to Comic-Con 2011, which will be a great addition for the conference, but it could be pivotal to the show finding an audience and surviving the cuts of a crowded primetime TV schedule. Here is what you need to know about The River at this year’s Comic-Con.


Interview with TV Critic Jo Garfein

13 Jul

Michael Emerson and Jo Garfein

Jo Garfein says Lost “spawned an amazing community.” She was one of the great voices on the web during and after the show. Her theories brought her notoriety, a drove of Twitter fans, and writing work for AOL TV and others. These days she’s freelancing and working on a new blog for Fox’s upcoming show Alcatraz. We wanted to talk with her ahead of Comic-Con. Read on to see what she has to say about The River, Alcatraz, Jorge Garcia, JJ Abrams, and more.


5 reasons why The River will kick television ass

3 Jul

We’ve blogged about The River for over a month now, which in many ways seems crazy considering the show won’t debut until December at the earliest or as late as March 2012. But it’s NOT crazy because The River will be one of the most talked about shows on television and it’s going to change television. Here’s why The River will be so very awesome.


Jeff Galfer Interview Part 3

24 Jun

This is part 3 of our interview with actor Jeff Galfer. Galfer plays Sammy on The River. In this section, Jeff talks about the director, the producer, Lost comparisons and more. You can also see part 1 and part 2 of the interview.


Paranormal Activity 3 coming in October

19 Jun

Paranormal Activity 3

Oren Peli is coming back with another iteration of Paranormal Activity. We know that it will be in theaters by October 21, 2011 and Peli says Paranormal Activity 3 will focus on Katie. Oren Peli is also the producer of ABC’s The River.


A review of The River pilot

17 Jun

Leslie Hope and Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne and Leslie Hope

THE RIVER is a solid sleeper, a pleasurably nerve-rattling B-movie creepfest set on the Amazon. ABC is holding it for midseason, where at the very least it should stand out from other network arrivals.”


The River’s Oren Peli is busy with Area 51, too.

14 Jun

oren peli area 51

The producer of The River is also busy a new movie. “Area 51 is like Paranormal Activity, is a “found footage” horror movie about three teenagers who head to the Area 51 section of Nellis Air Force Base in the Nevada. We’ll assume aliens might be involved and that scares will be had. That is, if the movie ever gets finished.


Eloise Mumford was cast first in The River

14 Jun

Eloise Mumford was the first to sign on to Oren Peli’s The River. She’s pretty green in the acting world, but you may remember her from Fox’s failed Lone Star. She played the sweet, unsuspecting girlfriend.

Here’s a trailer from Lone Star. It’s a coincidence that the music is from Mumford & Sons (no relation).

The River’s Oren Peli has another exciting project

12 Jun

Oren Peli

Oren Peli produces and writes for The River

Paranormal Activity was a bona fide hit and it has made Oren Peli a very busy man.

FilmNation is to fully finance its first film, a prestige genre title from Paranormal Activity creator Oren Peli set to go this summer.

Basner and his team will commence international pre-sales here on the untitled story, which Peli, riding high after producing the North American hit Insidious, wrote and is producing with Brian Witten.

“We are extremely excited about our new horror project, and while we can’t disclose too many details about it, rest assured it will be scary as hell,” Peli said. “We are honoured to have FilmNation as our partners.”

“Oren is a master of the genre and the timing was ideal to expand FilmNation’s reach and finance the project,” Basner said.

Peli directed and produced Paranormal Activity and produced the sequel. He also directed and wrote the upcoming Paramount acquisition Area 51 and produced Barry Levinson’s eco-horror The Bay, which Lionsgate will release in the US.

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