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Director Jaume Collet-Serra to produce apocalyptic horror pic

30 Jun

Jaume Collet-Serra is the director of The River pilot, and hopefully he’ll be directing future episodes, too. You may know his work if you’ve ever seen Orphan or House of Wax. Orphan was scary as hell and Paris Hilton’s role in House of Wax was too. Now Collet-Serra’s production company is working on an apocalyptic horror pic.


Travis Yanan reviews The River pilot

27 Jun

Joe Anderson stars as Lincoln Cole

Travis Yanan Watches TV first did a review of the The River‘s pilot script, and now he has a review from the screening of the pilot. While he is still excited about the show, what he saw at screening didn’t match up to what he thought he’d see after reading the script.

Eloise Mumford is Lena Landry

24 Jun

As we’ve told you before, Eloise Mumford plays the role of Lena Landry in The River. Her character is often characterized as “sexy and resourceful.” But here’s what else you need to know about Lena.


A review of The River pilot

17 Jun

Leslie Hope and Paul Blackthorne

Paul Blackthorne and Leslie Hope

THE RIVER is a solid sleeper, a pleasurably nerve-rattling B-movie creepfest set on the Amazon. ABC is holding it for midseason, where at the very least it should stand out from other network arrivals.”


They Found His Beacon – Another clip from the pilot

6 Jun

Another extended clip! This is Tess trying to convince Lincoln that Emmet is still alive.

Someone’s In The Ship – Clip from the pilot

6 Jun

Here is a great extended video clip from The River pilot. In this clip we see The Magus, Lincoln, Lena, Jahel, Tess, and more.

New video from The River pilot

5 Jun

This is some scary stuff.  Love it.

More on The River’s move to Hawaii

4 Jun

From Puerto Rico to Hawaii:

BY STEVEN MARK / smark@staradvertiser.com

“The River,” an ABC television show described as an adventure-mystery set in the Amazon jungle, is relocating production to Hawaii, network representatives said yesterday.

The pilot episode for the show, which stars Bruce Greenwood as a wildlife expert and TV host who goes missing, was shot in Puerto Rico, but plans to move to Hawaii had been rumored since March. A network spokesperson confirmed the relocation today, adding that shooting will begin in August with the series premiere scheduled for mid-season.

via TV: ABC’s “The River” coming to Hawaii.