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5 reasons why The River will kick television ass

3 Jul

We’ve blogged about The River for over a month now, which in many ways seems crazy considering the show won’t debut until December at the earliest or as late as March 2012. But it’s NOT crazy because The River will be one of the most talked about shows on television and it’s going to change television. Here’s why The River will be so very awesome.


Paul Blackthorne stars as Clark, the producer

28 Jun

Paul Blackthorne’s character Clark is the producer of the documentary in The River. He is Emmet‘s ex-producer, and we are lead to be suspicious of him. Tess hires him back because the documentary will fund the rescue mission. Sammy and Andreus work as cameramen under Clark.

The English actor was the lead actor in Sci-Fi’s The Dresden Files, and he has played several supporting roles in shows like ER, 24, Lipstick Jungle, Monk, Deadwood, and Medium.


Shaun Parkes stars as Andreus

27 Jun

English actor Shaun Parkes stars in The River as Andreus Jude Poulaine, the other cameraman (alongside Sammy) in the documentary crew. Parkes is an accomplished actor, but a lot of his work may be unfamiliar to Americans, outside of his role as Izzy in The Mummy Returns.

Jeff Galfer was George on All My Children

27 Jun

Jeff Galfer will play Sammy Kirsch in The River, but before that he was busy doing photography, commercials, and guest roles in on several TV shows. He was Dr. Burke in All My Children, but was able to play two different characters on the same show!  I prefer him as George below (he starts speaking at 2:24 in).

Classy girls like her don’t like malt liquor!

Luisana Lopilato is NOT in The River

23 Jun

eloise mumford not luisana lopilato

Eloise Mumford; not Luisana Lopilato

Luisana Lopilato, the cast member we were most excited about, is not even in The River. Internet rumors, backed up by sites like IMDB, led us all down a dead-end path. I had my suspicions, which were legitimized by our interview with actual cast member Jeff Galfer.


Jeff Galfer Interview Part 1

23 Jun

jeff galfer the river

Jeff Galfer will be a huge part of The River. Well, at least for season 1… I’m just hoping the guy’s character can stay alive, because we all know what happens to the likable, funny guys in the horror genre. Galfer plays Sammy Kirsch, a member of the documentary crew who is a geeky, fun guy who wears Hawaiian shirts and sandals. Galfer gave us a great interview, which we will be breaking up into a few sections. There’s even a big surprise for all of you Luisana Lopilato fans.


Jeff Galfer stars as Sammy Kirsch

22 Jun

Jeff Galfer as Sammy Kirsch

Jeff Galfer plays Sammy Kirsch

I follow several Twitter accounts associated with The River. Some have followed back including Jeff Galfer who will be our comedic relief on the show. Galfer plays Sammy Kirsch, a member of the documentary camera crew. We know that he is always looking for a good time and he will be the funny guy.